Evolution Samui Retreat


Sunday, 26th June 2022


Vinny Shoreman - mind coach, timeline therapist, coach and mentor.

Train your mind so you can feel how you want, get the results you need and live the life you desire.
We all have a past but we can create the future we want! The powerful techniques I’m sharing with you can change your unconscious mind and help you program yourself for success. You’ll learn how to respect yourself, change your perspectives and see all round benefits in any type of competition or in life in general. You control you and everything else is outside of your control. Stop holding yourself back and take control of your future. Vinny Shoreman has been featured multiple times on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, even hypnotising Joe himself. Vinny continues to be a regular guest on the show, talking about the benefits of mind coaching and hypnosis.

Price: 1500 THB
Places are limited.