We believe that by building a strong team, we will be able to effectively grow our community and help our guests achieve their goals


Co Founder, Muay Thai coach

Hi my name is Jordan Watson and I am a Muay Thai fighter and coach from Leeds UK. I first started Thai boxing at 6 years old. My journey in Muay Thai began at Bad Company Thai Boxing Gym in Leeds, under the guidance of former Muay Thai and kickboxing champion, Coach Richard Smith.

I have over 25 years of experience in competition, teaching and developing skills in Muay Thai.

I had a successful career and reached levels that I dreamed of as a child. Now it has become my dream to create my own training health concept. A crossover of multiple disciplines into creating a new style of training that really takes into account a persons overall well-being - strong body, strong mindset, strong soul, for everyone no matter what your ability or background.

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Yoga and mobility coach

I was born in South Africa and lived in Australia and Dubai before moving to Samui.

I opened a yoga & meditation studio in Dubai, teaching for a couple of years before being invited to become a brand ambassador for Lululemon, a yoga and fitness clothing brand.

As an ambassador I taught at International yoga festivals and expanded into Reiki therapy, which is an energy healing technique.

Reiki promotes healing in the body and mind, reduces anxiety and encourages relaxation from physical and emotional stress.

My classes at Evolution will have you flowing into your fitness. Group classes are designed through conscious movement with deep stretches to recover tired muscles.

All classes have an element of breathing techniques, and short guided meditations that when implemented into your training can improve performance.


Breath work and cold therapy coach

I'm a trained and certified master free diver that through training and study has developed a passion for overall breathwork. By learning and teaching to breathe consciously I have learned to use the breath by utilizing certain techniques as a tool to instantly have a positive effect on influencing the nervous system.

Through practice with the local community over time, the breathwork practice has turned into a new concept called "Breathflow Connection". A collection of various breathwork techniques in flow, connecting the breath, the body and the people.

As we have a very sportive and health conscious community we included cold-therapy to the sessions to put the conscious breathing practice, meditation & mindset into reality. Breath work and Ice Baths have a multitude of benefits towards growth and recovery. With the right mindset and positive attitude and control over the breath. Anyone can do more than they are capable of.

I vouch to work on the practice to help the people connect, grow and recover from chronic physical/mental stress and or simply to just become the best version of them self.


Gym Attendant

Nay is an invaluable team member who is dedicated to providing assistance and maintaining our gym equipment. With his amazing positive energy, he creates a welcoming and motivating atmosphere throughout the day.

You can count on Nay's presence from the opening hours until closing hours, ensuring that he is available to assist you throughout your entire visit to our facility.

See you at The Evolution Samui Retreat!