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Co Founder & Head Muay Thai Coach

Hi my name is Jordan Watson and I am a Muay Thai fighter and coach from Leeds UK. I first started Thai boxing at 6 years old. My journey in Muay Thai began at Bad Company Thai Boxing Gym in Leeds, under the guidance of former Muay Thai and kickboxing champion, Coach Richard Smith.

I have over 25 years of experience in competition, teaching and developing skills in Muay Thai.

I had a successful career and reached levels that I dreamed of as a child. Now it has become my dream to create my own training health concept. A crossover of multiple disciplines into creating a new style of training that really takes into account a persons overall well-being - strong body, strong mindset, strong soul, for everyone no matter what your ability or background.

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Underwater Performance Training & Breathwork Coach
Andy is a dedicated coach and mentor, driven by a passion for elevating individuals and athletes to new heights of physical, mental, and energetic excellence. With expertise in Performance Breathing, Breathwork, and Breath Holding, he unlocks the transformative power of breath, helping you reach your peak potential.

As a Water Coach, Andy's skills extend to ice baths, pool training, open water swimming, and underwater workouts, ensuring you conquer aquatic challenges with finesse. He's also your go-to guide for detox and reboot journeys, fasting, and trauma release practices, facilitating holistic well-being.

Discover a world of possibilities and optimize your performance with Andy Hvass. Experience the extraordinary in each breath and every wave, as he leads you on a journey of growth and transformation.

KRU BANG - The Knockout Artist

Muay Thai Coach

Kru Bang, the knockout artist, has a Ph.D. in punchology and a Master's in mayhem! His fists are like magic wands, but instead of rabbits, they pull out knockouts.

Kru Klang - The Precision Puncher

Muay Thai Coach

Kru Klang, our precision puncher, doesn't throw punches; he throws perfection wrapped in a fist! His precise techniques and sharp wit make him the master of accuracy in the ring.

KRU PI aer - The Muay Thai Maestro

Muay Thai Coach

Kru Pi Aer, the Muay Thai maestro, conducts fights like a symphony. With every move, he orchestrates a masterpiece in the ring. Be ready for a performance of a lifetime!

Kru KAI - The Kick Tsunami

Muay Thai Coach

Meet Kru Kai, the kick tsunami! His kicks hit you like a tropical storm – fierce and impossible to escape. One moment you're fine, the next, you're airborne!

KRU AER- The Artful Dodger

Muay Thai Coach

Kru Aer, the artful dodger, can make a move like a ninja on roller skates! You won't even see it coming. Just don't blink; you might miss his slick dodges and dazzling counters.


Gym Attendant

Nay is an invaluable team member who is dedicated to providing assistance and maintaining our gym equipment. With his amazing positive energy, he creates a welcoming and motivating atmosphere throughout the day.

You can count on Nay's presence from the opening hours until closing hours, ensuring that he is available to assist you throughout your entire visit to our facility.

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